The path begins here…

Welcome to The Stone Bridge, the substack offshoot of award-winning independent publisher Stone Bridge Press. Founded over thirty years ago, Stone Bridge Press publishes books about Asia — especially Japan and China — on subjects as diverse as language, business, literature, manga/anime, design, travel, and culture.

What to expect…

The Stone Bridge serves as a middle point between our books and your curiosities. It is where we hope to share excerpts, short stories, flash fiction, articles, and other cultural insights.

Why Asia?

Our roots are in Japan. What has fascinated so many people about Japan is its extraordinarily rich coherency, how tenets of art and spirituality are reflected in work and daily life. For 1,500 years Japanese culture has been evolving in a more or less straight line, absorbing foreign influences but remaining identifiably "Japanese." It's a culture that breeds both beauty and arrogance. It demands patience and erudition. And it gives the publisher delicious editorial challenges and an alluring design vocabulary: asymmetry, surface decoration, white space, boldness, delicacy, a quick splash of color.

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Stories, expressions, and insights from Asia, especially Japan and China.


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